What Is The Power Plate?

A History Lesson

Acceleration/Vibration Training was first utilized in Russia for their space program in the 1960s. A common problem for space travel is muscle atrophy (breakdown), and bone loss in a zero gravity environment over an extended period of time. The Russians utilized vibration training to combat the reaction of zero gravity, and immediately discovered their cosmonauts could endure and sustain space travel longer then their American counterparts. It did not take long after for olympic athletes and professional sports teams to adapt whole body vibration training in their regimen.


How Does Whole Body Vibration Work?

It is all about physics, whole body vibration (WBV) took to heart Newton’s Second Law:

Mass x Acceleration = Force

By enhancing either mass or acceleration and individual can produce more force. Your body takes care of the mass, and a vibrational platform increases acceleration by stimulating a rapid reflexive soft tissue response by up to 50 times per second.

Vibration Training adheres to three core principles within the technology. That movement is three – dimensional in our surrounding space and within the body, our bodies respond to and our stimulated by gravity, and mass & momentum enhances our ability to accelerate and decelerate movement.

Accelerated Workouts = Results

By enhancing your bodies ability to produce a greater level of force, vibration training can enhance:

  • Functional Performance
    Mobility Through Increased Range of Motion
    Balance & Stability
    Blood Circulation & Lymphatic Fluid
    Recovery Post Surgery
    Muscular Tone
    Recovery & Regeneration
    Bone Density
    Hormonal Response
    and more…

Not All WBV Machines Are Equal

At the DHF clinic we utilize the Power Plate as our preferred vibrational platform. Power Plate utilizes a tri-plane functional movement platform by creating vibrations in three planes: vertical (up and down), sagittal (forward and back), and in the frontal plane (left to right). This multi directional platform creates a reflexive response within the body as it tries to stabilize itself agains the dynamic outside forces of the PowerPlate. This stimulation excites the bodies proprioceptors at a level not matched with traditional movement conditioning programs.

The Power Plate also is built on precision. Through harmonic vibrations the power plate creates oscillation patterns that are smooth and not choppy, predictable in nature, and thus in sync with your bodies natural vibrations.

Dynamic Health & Fitness is now a distributer for the Personal Power Plate, click here for more information and bring the vibrations home!


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